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As the leading manufacturer of honeycomb fibreboard in South Africa, Kimmo uses innovation as a tool to revolutionize the bulk transport packaging industry. Since 2006, we have been pioneers in the fibreboard pallet and crating industry in South Africa and have developed products of unsurpassed strength and reliability. Kimmo provides clients from a diverse range of industries with innovative and cost-effective alternatives to wooden pallets and wooden crates.

Kimmo is a South African company that is committed to building a thriving local economy by creating both direct and indirect jobs through the manufacture and use of  the ground breaking honeycomb fibreboard material. All of our products are manufactured locally and we aim to make a significant difference to the lives of ordinary South Africans.

Our KimmoBoard is also used to manufacture environmentally friendly, lightweight furniture. Visit the Pashasha website to find out more.


Kimmo is derived from Kemosabe – a term of endearment used in the fictional American TV series The Lone Ranger by Tonto, the Lone Rangers’ Native American sidekick. Meaning ‘trusty scout’ or ‘faithful friend’, Tonto used Kemosabe when referring to the Lone Ranger. The TV Series essentially revolves around the Lone Ranger’s fight for justice for all, regardless of race, gender and religion.

Kemosabe is a nickname given to Kimmo’s founding member – Jan Vreken – by his friends. After living in this USA for a few years, Jan had gained a key interest in the Native America culture. In addition to this, Jan has an unconventional and creative way of thinking (like the Lone Ranger) – hence his adoption of the honeycomb fibreboard technology. With a passion for South Africa, Jan aims to use his entrepreneurial skills, together with honeycomb fibreboard and its endless possibilities to improve upon the lives of South Africans.