AJ Broom | Kimmo Pallets

Product Used: KimmoPallet
Industry: Construction
Type of goods loaded: Bitumen
Weight loaded: 1,500kg
Destination: Australiasia

Our client loads about 1.5 tons of bitumen (tar) strips on each pallet, destined for Australia and New Zealand, for use as rumble strips or speed bumps. Due to mould found on some of their wooden pallets, one of their shipments were quarantined when it arrived in Australia and they battled to get the shipment released from customs. In the end, the Australian authorities took it upon themselves to fumigate the entire container at our client’s cost – a very expensive exercise.

Introduce the Kimmo Pallet: Since switching to KimmoPallets they have never had a shipment quarantined or delayed because of pallets that did not comply to the international phytosanitary regulations.