Aspen | Kimmo Pallet

Product Used: KimmoPallet
Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Type of goods loaded: Pharmaceuticals
Weight loaded: 400kg, hanging suspended in a racking system
Destination: Export to the USA

Our client exports pharmaceutical products to their client in the US. Because our client has a sterile work environment, goods received and dispatched into/out of this facility cannot be transported on wood: it is deemed an organic material that might contain mould or insects. Every time a wooden pallet arrives at the door, it has to be de-palletised on in-house plastic pallets. The same goes for outbound cargo: every time a plastic pallet leaves the sterile facility, it has to be re-palletised onto a wooden pallet.

Introduce the Kimmo Pallet: Our client’s US customer insists on receiving their product on corrugated pallets. For our client, this means that they can palletise straight off the production line without having to first put it on their in-house plastic pallets. Our pallets are deemed safe for use in a sterile environment, saving time and money in not having to transfer goods between plastic pallets and wooden pallets.