Bell Windscreens | KimmoBins

Product Used: KimmoBin
Industry: Automotive / Large Construction Vehicles
Type of goods loaded: Windscreens
Weight loaded: 50kg
Destination: Local mining sites / SADC countries

Our client used to manufacture plywood crates in-house to pack and ship their windscreens. Each crate was custom-built, sometimes from odd-sized plywood sheets and it took them a good few hours to build each crate. They experienced a lot of breakages as the plywood did not absorb any shocks during transit and they had insufficient buffering material to protect the glass.

Introduce the KimmoBin: We successfully developed a honeycomb solution for both the crate and the inside buffering. What’s more is that the total package is now so light in weight that they don’t have to palletize each crate and handle it with a forklift truck, they simply carry it by hand and load it upright onto their vehicles. Another way the KimmoBin has saved money, manpower and natural resources.