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Case Studies

McCain / Just Veggies | Kimmo honeycomb board

McCain / Just Veggies | Kimmo honeycomb board Product Used: Kimmo honeycomb board Industry: Food/Perishables Type of goods loaded: Frozen vegetables Weight loaded: 500kg, stacked 3 – 4 high in storage, 2 x high in transit Destination: Local distribution Our clients load about 500kgs of frozen vegetables into so-called “tote-bins”, a heavily reinforced corrugated [...]

Aspen | Kimmo Pallet

Aspen | Kimmo Pallet Product Used: KimmoPallet Industry: Pharmaceuticals Type of goods loaded: Pharmaceuticals Weight loaded: 400kg, hanging suspended in a racking system Destination: Export to the USA Our client exports pharmaceutical products to their client in the US. Because our client has a sterile work environment, goods received and dispatched into/out of this [...]

Volvo | KimmoBin

Volvo | KimmoBins Product Used: KimmoBin Industry:  Automotive (aftermarket) Type of goods loaded: Automotive components Weight loaded: varies up to 500kg Destination: Local branches Our client distributes automotive components to their after-market supplier network. They normally build a pallet from the ground up and either shrink-wrap the goods as the pallet gets higher, or [...]

Circuit Breaker Industries (CBI Electric) | Kimmo Pallet-Box

Circuit Breaker Industries (CBI Electric) | Kimmo Pallet-Boxes Product Used: Kimmo Pallet-Box Industry: Electronics Type of goods loaded: Circuit breakers Weight loaded: 300kg Destination: Global exports Our client exports circuit breakers literally all over the world: from Rio to Sydney, Tokyo to Toronto. Most shipments are transported by airfreight, which is a very weight-sensitive mode [...]