Elring Klinger | KimmoBins

Product Used: KimmoBin
Industry: Automotive
Type of goods loaded: Automotive components
Weight loaded: 500kg
Destination: In-house, multiple-use local (JHB-East London-JHB)

Our client sends automotive parts to a sub-assembly plant in East London on a regular basis. They used to use plastic knock-down bins which often went missing because of the high value of these bins. These plastic bins also contributed heavily towards the payload of their road transport down to East London as each weighed in the region of 50kgs.

Introduce the KimmoBin: We successfully solved the problem of theft, re-usability and freight-cost by supplying them with KimmoBins that are used over and over and weigh a fraction of their plastic counterparts. What’s more, if one panel is damaged, we can replace the panel whereas they had to scrap the whole bin when a plastic bin is damaged.