Revolutionising the transport packaging industry

Manufactured from honeycomb fibreboard, the KimmoBin is a better alternative to traditional packaging methods like wooden crates.

KimmoBins come in standard sizes and can be customised according to your needs.

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Incredibly Strong

Capable of taking loads in excess of one ton

Offers superior protection and will alleviate bulging, especially when transporting goods with little or no load structure

Excellent rigidity and hard wearing

High compression properties

Suprisingly Light 

Easy to transport and move

Massive savings in transportation costs (particularly air freight)

Uses a minimum amount of material to reach minimal weight and minimal material cost

Outstanding value for level of strength and rigidity

Safe Sustainable Solution

Made from 100% recyclable material

Non Toxic

ISPM-15 compliant:

  • no risk of pest infestation,
  • material does not need to be treated,
  • packaging is accepted in all countries
  • no risk quarantine

Safe to handle as they are light and there is no mold, rot, splinters or protruding nails

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Ideal for the transport of dangerous goods

KimmoBins have recently received the UN packaging Level 1 certification for the transport of cyanide. This is the highest rating possible and it means that KimmoBins have been tested to the greatest degree of danger.

Conveniently assembled and disassembled

KimmoBins are reusable. The modular nature of the KimmoBins allows for flatpacking when shipped and can be assembled on-site.

5 reasons why KIMMOBINS ARE BETTER VALUE value than wooden crates

They make packaging goods easier

This is due to the modular nature of KimmoBins

Higher number of bins to be stored

KimmoBins can be flat-packed compared with wooden crates which are typically fully erected.

No fumigation or heat treatment

This needed for all wooden products exported across international borders. KimmoBins are ISPM-15 compliant.

Significantly lighter

1 m3 KimmoBin = 25 kg
Wooden crate of the same dimensions = 90 kg.

Easier to move

Two people can carry it, whereas wooden crates need to be moved with a pallet jack or a forklift