Volvo | KimmoBins

Product Used: KimmoBin
Industry:  Automotive (aftermarket)
Type of goods loaded: Automotive components
Weight loaded: varies up to 500kg
Destination: Local branches

Our client distributes automotive components to their after-market supplier network. They normally build a pallet from the ground up and either shrink-wrap the goods as the pallet gets higher, or they ship in a wooden (plywood) crate. The problem with the crate is to put the goods inside the crate requires considerable effort to build the stack once the crate is already assembled. It takes them ages to figure out what goes where. Even if they build the pallet and shrink-wrap as they go, the goods tumble off the stack before they can consolidate the load.

Introduce the KimmoBin: Our client can now assemble 3 x sides of the KimmoBin, then comfortably build the pallet by physically stepping inside the KimmoBin. Once they have built their puzzle, the KimmoBin is completed with the 4th panel and strapped up, ready for shipment.